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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Moon & Solar Eclipse Wednesday

from Zodiac's newsletter...

On June 1, we get a New Moon and a solar eclipse in Gemini. New Moons are a time for wishful thinking (wishes are most likely to come true!), and eclipses bring quick and speedy openings (sometimes accompanied by necessary endings). This particular eclipse is in communicative Gemini, and will help us to initiate projects that involve writing, speaking, DIY projects, and working innovatively with friends and platonic partners. This is a great week to throw your hopes & desires out to the universe and see what happens!

On June 4, Jupiter will shift from Aries into Taurus, its new home until June 11, 2012. Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion, study, and growth; it's also a bit of a gambler. Practical, plodding Taurus is an awkward fit for Jupiter, a bit like putting a wild animal in a harness. Learning to practice restraint will be a huge lesson for the world during this time. Sustainability will trump excess, and we'll need to learn how to scale back, simplify, operate from a plan, and focus on the bottom line. With our dwindling natural resources, it's certainly a lesson we need to learn as a global population. We're in it together!

- from Astrostyle.com

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Full Moon In Scorpio

from ZODIAC's newsletter...

The Moon will be precisely full at 7:08am on Tuesday. According to one of my all-time favorite astrologers, Jonathan Cainer, all Full Moons are powerful and intense. But astrologers have noticed that they can be powerful and intense in different ways, depending on what sign they are in.

The Moon we all see growing full now is in Scorpio. Scorpios are most likely to be sensitive to this influence, but we all have a little Scorpio in us somewhere. Wherever we've got a strong emotion, an intense longing, a need for privacy, a hurt that won't quite heal or a love for something or someone so strong it almost aches, we're likely today to be feeling stirred up.