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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Guest Psychic/Medium
Mary Bear
Is Returning to Zodiac!

Now Scheduling For December 12, 14, 15 & 21

-  Call 614.470.6990 To Reserve Your Session -

Mary Bear has more than a decade of experience working intuitively.  She is very gifted in the area of health assessment according to what Mary can see in the client's auric field.  She has a strong emphasis on family ancestral spirit guidance.  Her focus is on the client's current life concerns including relationships, family, grief/loss and life transitions.  She consults her own guides and those of the client's for optimal clarity in session and also utilizes the tarot and other visionary tools.

Mary has a relational, compassionate way of supporting clients in session.  She also teaches divination classes to nurture and assist others in developing intuitive skills to enrich, inform and awaken the student's inherent gifts.  Mary received her MA from Naropa University In Boulder, CO, and recently graduated from a three year intensive training in the ceremonial arts from Starhouse Temple in Boulder.  Mary has a private practice in Boulder, CO.  Call 614.470.6990 to schedule. 

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