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Sunday, December 5, 2010


We are approaching this month's New Moon which will be traveling through the sign of Sagittarius and turning precisely "new" at 12:35 pm on Sunday.

New Moons are magical. Tradition holds that our wishes and prayers are most likely to be heard around the time of a New Moon.

How ?

Follow these instructions from Yasmin Boland who is based in Australia & is one of our favorite on-line astrologers:

Start your New Moon wishes now. Because the New Moon this month is a New Moon eclipse, it'll be extra powerful! Remember, we can't get what we want until we know what we want. It's all about being clear in our intentions.

Grab some paper and coloured textas, and start writing and doodling your Top Ten hearts' desires. Write down one wish a day - draw curlicues and hearts and flowers around it as you contemplate having it come true. The more thought and energy you put in, the more likely your intentions are to manifest.

Read more from Yasmin Boland: http://www.yasminboland.com/2010/07/new-moon-ahead/

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