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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Full Moon Tip: Charge Your Crystals

From our news letter, Jennifer wrote...

Although the moon will be precisely full at 4:21pm Wednesday, we usually feel its effects the day before and after. The full moon is believed to send out extra energy, and is therefore a good time to *charge* our crystals and gemstones to make them more powerful in their healing and energetic properties. Each month as the moon grows full, put your crystal balls, clusters, stones, and gemstones (jewelry too) on a table or dresser where they can catch some moon light.

This month's full moon is traveling through Cancer, so our Cancer friends might feel the energy more than the rest of us - especially since the moon is Cancer's ruling planet! For the ruling planet of each zodiac sign, go to www.zodiaconmill.com.

Kids love to charge their crystals & special stones too!

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