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Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Moon Week ~ Try This!

The following is a note from a friend of Zodiac, Penny Smith, as written to her friends about making the most of this year's first New Moon. Penny agreed to let us share it with you - it's a great example of what we all can do anytime this week to enhance our LUCK & PROSPERITY in the coming year!

Penny Smith, CRS, is an award-winning Realtor with RE/MAX Consultant Group. She and local radio personality, Shawn Ireland, hosted an internet show this week about astrology. Enjoy!

Dear Friends,

... Shawn and I did a fun show on TheShawnIrelandShow.com with Jennifer Lopez of Zodiac Shop ... There is a powerful new moon ... the first of the new year this week (Jan 4)! Here's some scoop on getting what you want in 2011!

First, reflect on the last twelve months ... think about all you have done and gone through. Write down your achievements and what gave you pleasure...

Second, on another piece of paper write down what you want in 2011 ... the clearer you are about your intentions the better your chances for success and the easier it will be for the universe to provide it! When finished put it in a safe place until next year...

Last ... involves letting go ... grrrrrr ... on another piece of paper write down all you want removed from your life. On the night of the 4th (or anytime this week) ... burn this list and concentrate on these negative aspects being gone from your life!

So that's my plan for tomorrow ... wanna join me somewhere for the burning ritual? C'mon over!! As always, I have some wine! LOL!

. . . And from another Zodiac friend, try this Law of Abundance Tip:

Write yourself a "Law of Abundance" check to promote financial abundance in the coming year. Under this concept, you use the actual act of writing a check to help in your visualization of a financial goal.

What you do: take from your checkbook a blank check, write it out to yourself, payable in any amount (our Zodiac friend simply writes "Paid In Full"), and sign it Law of Abundance. Either put the check somewhere handy, or keep the check with you at all times, take it out often, look at it and visualize the attainment of your goal.

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